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Saturday, 26 March 2011

Wikipedia banning astrology-friendly editors?

I've just read Robert Currey's note about Wikipedia banning astrology-friendly editors. Visiting the Wikipedia page, I was quite shocked to see the changes that have been made to 'Astrology' - now horribly far from a balanced view. It's both saddened me and made my blood boil (with all the Aries energy about at the moment). I'm still working my way through the Discussion (tab on the same page), the early part made me feel like tearing my hair out.

I first came across this on Twitter today - the link from there is to a note posted on the Equinox Astrology Facebook page. It's all very drawn out and complicated (for me at least!) by all Wikipedia's red tape and elaborate rules of editing, but it's worth familiarising yourself (if you're an astrologer or astrology student) with what's happening, and the attitudes involved. Read all the comments underneath. If you have plenty of time, read the Discussion on the Wikipedia page. Hopefully then, anyone conversant with Wikipedia and its editing protocols (not me!) might be able to help out. I feel frustrated and wish there was more I could do to help, apart from talk/rant about it here.

Astrology seems beset on all sides, however: the issues with Prof. Brian Cox, Dara O’Briains and the Minnesota malarky, which I'm sure you've seen in the news, (see Deborah Houlding's article in answer to the Cox and Minnesota criticisms on her Skyscript website) preceded this new 'editing war' on Wikipedia. Please go to the Astrological Association website (click the image below) for more info and help if you can. I'd been planning on adding this link and kept forgetting: now it seems much more topical.

On a lighter note, the Wikipedia issue then led me on to discovering the Astrology News Service web page, and their article on the Carlson Double-Blind Experiment, along with Robert Currey's in-depth article on the same subject. I'm hoping the latter information got more of an airing further down the 'edit war', but I've been there hours reading it now, and it's time for bed! I'll update tomorrow if so. 

Update (June 2011) - I recently read more about this on Deb Houlding's Facebook page, and eventually arrived at an article she has written on the AA website giving the background to the AA's petition, which is very informative. Deb is currently trying to decide whether to become a Wikipedia editor herself.

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