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Friday, 27 May 2011

Alice Cooper cancels a show for the first time in 30 years.

A status update tonight, from the Alice Cooper Facebook page (I'm a big fan) states: 
"For the first time in thirty years, Alice was forced to cancel a show tonight due to illness. He was too ill to even leave the hotel here in Santiago, and is very sorry to disappoint the many fans here who have waited so long for this concert. The Doctor is optimistic that he will be well enough for Saturday's show in Buenos Aires. Hopefully, Alice will be able to get back to Chile another time."
It was posted 27th May 2011, around 1.30am, British Summer Time. Transits below are for 6pm in Santiago, 26 May 2011, though I don't know what time the cancellation happened.  

Click on image to enlarge

Note transiting Saturn closely conjunct his Libra Ascendant (and natal Neptune, ruler of his 6th house of health). It's interesting that they say 'for the first time in thirty years' as that is roughly the Saturn cycle, so Saturn would have been on his Ascendant or thereabouts at that time too. That's pretty good going for a 63 year old. Touring must be very gruelling.With Saturn transiting his Ascendant, he needs to slow down a bit now, look after himself, and not push so hard. There was recently a pile-up of planets in Aries - these would have all made stressful opposition aspects to Neptune, his Ascendant, and that transiting Saturn, so I would imagine he is exhausted and perhaps feeling his age more (Saturn). Neptune rising is very sensitive to the environment, more so when triggered by these transits.  Saturn is retrograding at the moment, going direct on June 13th, and it will make another final pass over his Ascendant in mid-July this year, and over Neptune in August.

Get well soon, Alice. Cut down on the shows and save some energy. 

Update: It was food poisoning, which fits with Neptune on the Ascendant, sensitivity, and Neptune ruling poisoning. (Defences are 'leaky' or weakened) He is still feeling weak, but getting better, fortunately.  I just read on Wikipedia that in a 2005 Australian interview Alice said he wouldn't retire before Mick Jagger. Mick Jagger is 6 years older than he is, so he said that means he has to carry on for 6 years after Sir Mick throws his cap in :)  
The blog on the official Alice Cooper website also states that he's had no sick days off in 30 years, so the 30 years was intriguing me again. I looked up transits for 1981, and Saturn stationed retrograde within 1½ degrees of Alice's Libra Ascendant in January 1981, then crossed over it in September 1981, and over that natal Neptune in October 1981. I'm still trying to track down what was happening for him then though. His first child, daughter Calico, was born that year, on the 19th May.

Sunday, 15 May 2011

Birthday, Stumpy the Hermit Crab, and 'Astrology in the Year Zero'

It was my birthday on the 10th, which was a bit of a washout as I spent the morning in the hospital with my husband who had to have a 'carpal tunnel' operation on his hand; the poorly paw subsequently dubbed Stumpy the Hermit Crab (huge fat bandage, wiggly fingers poking out). He has Chiron in Gemini in his 6th house, currently being squared by Chiron and Neptune.

One of my birthday presents was Astrology in the Year Zero by Garry Phillipson, which I've been reading for the last few days. I've just discovered there is a companion website and wanted to share it. Still to come in the post - Apollo's Chariot by Liz Greene, and Frank C. Clifford's The Astrologer's Book of Charts. Yay for birthdays and Amazon wishlists :)