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Most of my ramblings will probably be about astrology, but I'm also interested in psychology, alternative therapies, hypnotherapy, Focusing, consciousness, meditation, Integral (Ken Wilber), and the work of the Institute of Noetic Sciences.

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Sunday, 15 May 2011

Birthday, Stumpy the Hermit Crab, and 'Astrology in the Year Zero'

It was my birthday on the 10th, which was a bit of a washout as I spent the morning in the hospital with my husband who had to have a 'carpal tunnel' operation on his hand; the poorly paw subsequently dubbed Stumpy the Hermit Crab (huge fat bandage, wiggly fingers poking out). He has Chiron in Gemini in his 6th house, currently being squared by Chiron and Neptune.

One of my birthday presents was Astrology in the Year Zero by Garry Phillipson, which I've been reading for the last few days. I've just discovered there is a companion website and wanted to share it. Still to come in the post - Apollo's Chariot by Liz Greene, and Frank C. Clifford's The Astrologer's Book of Charts. Yay for birthdays and Amazon wishlists :)

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