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Thursday, 30 August 2012

Full Moon in Pisces, conjunct Chiron

Full Moon in Pisces, Friday 31st August 2012, 2.58pm BST.

Friday’s full moon, which is at 8⁰33’ Pisces, is closely conjunct Chiron. I have been thinking about Chiron in Pisces as a result, partly because I was born with the placement. It’s a while until I hit Chiron Return since mine is at 28 degrees, conjunct my Midheaven, but in many ways I feel much more conscious of it.

Chiron was last in Pisces in the 1960s, which was also the last time Pluto and Uranus were in a major alignment, as they are now. The placement was emphasised in the 60s because for a time it opposed the Uranus-Pluto conjunction. At the Full Moon on Friday, Chiron is at 7 degrees of Pisces, and Uranus and Pluto are both at 7 degrees – so Chiron has, for some time, been quietly connecting with this latest Uranus-Pluto square. Full Moon emphasises this: the Pisces Moon conjuncts Chiron and both are in a sextile aspect to Pluto in Capricorn and a minor semi-sextile aspect to Uranus in Aries. This may not be by obvious hard aspect but each time a transit touches Uranus and Pluto, it has also been hitting Chiron recently.

Both the current Uranus-Pluto square, which is with us for several more years yet (last exact aspect in 2015), and Chiron in Pisces correlate with increased awareness of the rights of those among us who are downtrodden or disenfranchised: women’s rights, the rights of black people and other oppressed groups. (See Melanie Reinhart’s book “Chiron and the Healing Journey” for examples).  Women’s issues have been in the news - like the discussions of rape, most recently, which also relates to Uranus-Pluto, and stories about women being empowered and winning out against the odds (some of these connected to the Olympics). (I’ve posted some to my Astrological Journaling Facebook page.)

Incidentally, earlier today I watched a new series called Parade’s End (it started last Friday on BBC) which is based in WW1 (when Chiron was in Pisces) and with themes which includes suffrage and what seems likely to be a case of (potentially) unrequited love, which Melanie Reinhart also mentions as connected with Chiron in Pisces. It has Rufus Sewell and Miranda Richardson in it – I recommend it!

Most in my face at the moment, though, is the government’s treatment of the poor, the sick and disabled, and the irony of Atos (check out the articles linked in the comments) sponsoring the Paralympic Games here in the UK: just as ironic as MacDonald’s and Coca-Cola sponsoring the Olympics. (The starting ceremony for the Games are within 2 days of this Full Moon, on the evening of the 29th.)

The placement of Chiron is where we are wounded and vulnerable. Pisces is a sign of great sensitivity and compassion, it is emotionally giving, with a desire for unity, to merge, to be One, and escape separateness, to return to the womb, to transcend. A yearning for spiritual connection perhaps. There can be a desire to rescue, to save, or a desire to BE rescued or saved. The dark face of this can be in succumbing to victimhood, martyrdom, in becoming a scapegoat, becoming lost in alcoholism or drugs, or a great desire for escapism in some form. The fishes of Pisces swim in two directions and this can be complex, slippery territory. Neptune and Pisces have no boundaries. The expanse and depths of the ocean can be overwhelming, and overwhelm can also manifest, requiring periodic withdrawal perhaps. Chiron is Pisces may reflect those who feel the pain of others, even of the collective. With Neptune, the ruler of Pisces, in its own sign currently too, the focus on those who are being downtrodden, victimised or abused and in need of our help and compassion, will be even stronger.

One of my mum’s favourite phrases is ‘make yourself useful’  - she has Venus and Saturn in Virgo, Pisces’ polar opposite. This Full Moon emphasises that polarity: The Sun, of course, moved into Virgo on the 22nd of this month. There is a great deal of emphasis right now on making people ‘useful’ to society and on those who are increasingly, it seems, seen to be a burden, or worse still ‘malingerers’ (scapegoating there) – those who are ‘weak’ or in need in some way (Pisces). Though, of course, themes of fraud, illusion and deception are also connected to Pisces.

It is interesting, in this context, from the Guardian article
Official figures showing fraud at less than 1% don't stick in the mind, but one good cheating anecdote lingers for years. Focus groups now often estimate disability fraud at a preposterous 70%. No surprise that more than half of disabled people say they are experiencing new hostility, aggression and violence from strangers.
Both signs are associated with service but in different ways, with a different focus – Virgo is earth, so practical service, and Pisces is water, so emotional, devotional service. Virgo has a great deal to do with ‘fixing’ things, with earthy practicality, analysis and efficiency, and also with both work and health. It is discerning and discriminating, perfectionist and often critical.

Chiron and Neptune in watery Pisces suggests potentially that compassion can come through in these difficult austere times, to counter the harsh treatment of those who may find it difficult to stand up (often literally) for themselves. Chiron remains in Pisces until 2018 (and Neptune right through until 2025). Perhaps this Pisces Full Moon will focus our attention on how we express these issues in our own lives (because we all do, of course) and how we feel about them.

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