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Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Archaeological discovery of earliest Christian writings?

I've just been reading in the news today (BBC Online) about the archaeological discovery of ‘metal books’, almost 2000 years old, in Jordan. The books are made of lead and it appears that they were discovered hidden in a cave sometime around 2005 to 2007.  
2005-7 was when Saturn was opposite Neptune: concrete (Saturn) or rather lead (Saturn) evidence of the very earliest writings of Christianity (Neptune). They were also exposed by a flash flood (Neptune).

The Saturn-Jupiter opposition was exact yesterday, The exact opposition also contacts Neptune, though only by minor aspect. Neptune is in sesquiquadrate aspect with Saturn (reflecting back to the opposition of 2005-7) and semi-square Jupiter. 

I'm wondering how well the negotiations for them will go, given the importance of the discovery, and the number of planets in Aries at the moment. Tempers may get frayed.

See close-up photos here.

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