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Monday, 15 August 2011

Saturn = father

With Mars currently exactly square (today at 2.13pm) my natal Saturn (in my 10th house conjunct my MC), Dad went into hospital today. This was unexpected (Uranus) for me, since I only found out when Mum rang this morning...
The op was sometime this afternoon. Three operations for the price of one - gall bladder out, prostate work, and something else being done to the neck of his bladder.  He's back on the ward again this evening, and in hospital for the rest of the week. My Saturn is at 8 Aries, with Mars at 8 Cancer today, so the outer planet cardinal energy (Uranus square Pluto) is also involved. 

Meanwhile, my father-in-law is also going into hospital for an op tomorrow.

Mars is connected to operations, the cutting, surgery. Saturn is representative of our fathers as well as authority figures or older people in general. 

There's still not a complete consensus about which house (4th or 10th) rules 'mother' and which 'father'. I just look at the 4th/10th as the parent houses. My dad is a Sun Aries, and my mum is Libran. I have Aries on the MC (cusp of the 10th) and Libra on the IC (cusp of the 4th).   

Saturn is currently in my 4th house (family/home/parent). It has been opposite natal Saturn but is now moving away, though still in aspect. Mars will square it exactly in the sky on the 25th. 

At the same time, Saturn is moving toward my own natal Mars again. So lots of Mars-Saturn energy flying around for me at the moment.  The last time I had this Mars-Saturn energy doubling up, I developed a back problem which lasted a few weeks. Mars-Saturn has been described as a feeling of 'driving with the brakes on'. There is often frustration involved as the planet of fear, contraction, caution and limitation (Saturn) comes into aspect with the planet of action and assertion and Go, Go, Go! Do It Now! (Mars) 

My natal Saturn echoes this even further since it's in the sign that Mars rules, Aries. Traditionally, Saturn in Aries is in 'fall', which means it doesn't work well there. 

I'm definitely feeling the Saturn energy at the moment. There is an element of 'Eeyore' about my mood. Maybe not the best time to write a blog post? Perhaps I'll look at the positive Mars-Saturn tomorrow. But for now, there's a feeling of heaviness and pessimism (Saturn), which seems to come from not being able to act (Mars). I can't DO anything about the current situation except sit and worry, which doesn't help. I even feel inadequate about not being able to send positive, healing energy as I can't get into the right mindset. One insight I've had: the inability to act, to express anger or assert yourself gets turned inward. The Mars energy goes back inside when it's blocked and creates depression or depletes motivation instead. 

I'm going to try some focusing now, and see if I can just allow myself to feel this for a while, and be accepting and compassionate with the energy, without judging it. 

Love you, Dad. Eeyore signing off for now.

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