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Monday, 8 August 2011

Mars-Pluto continued...

Aside from the ongoing London Riots, other headlines from BBC Online today caught my eye today, reflecting the applying Mars-Pluto opposition at the moment.
 Attacks and cutting, and the violence is Mars. Pluto reflected in the intensity of such attacks, the primal nature of them. To me, the soldier's (alleged) 'souvenirs' are reminiscent of Apocalypse Now and Heart of Darkness. "The horror..." Pluto is the horror - hell, after all. Lord of the Underworld. It's also the things we consider taboo.
Dangerous and wild animals correlate to Pluto. Rottweiler screams Pluto at me, as they can be very scary dogs, along with their colouring. I associate them with the film 'The Omen'... I also seem to remember reading a suggestion that dogs in general are symbolised by Pluto - I think it was Sue Tompkins, but could be wrong. 
A bear attack is a bit of a random headline for the UK though! It happened in Norway, but the boy is from Jersey. I hope he recovers soon, it must have been incredibly traumatic.

Mars is exactly opposite Pluto early on Thursday morning (11th August, 6.14am BST).


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