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Sunday, 20 May 2012

Mark Zuckerberg marries just after Facebook flotation

Image courtesy of Guillaume Paumier / Wikimedia Commons, CC-by-3.0  

I've just been watching BBC News report about Mark Zuckerberg's unexpected marriage just a day after his company, Facebook, was floated on the New York Stock Exchange. Interesting that the two events have come so close together. He married his long-term girlfriend Priscilla Chan, who is 27. They've been together since University. (See the BBC report  for more...)

Mark Zuckerberg's chart - caution - NO TIME - ignore house cusps - this is a noon chart.

The first thing I noticed (as a fellow Taurus Sun) was that transiting Jupiter has been busy in his chart. Jupiter conjuncted the Sun in the sky at 23° Taurus last weekend. This was slap-bang on Mark's natal Sun, a great birthday present :) Jupiter-Sun suggests an enhancement and expansion (Jupiter) of personal recognition (Sun). Also interesting is the financial aspect, with those planets in Taurus (the sign that rules money and resources) - so expansion here too! 
We don't know the exact degree of his Moon but it's definitely in Scorpio- give or take 7 degrees either side of that 17° Scorpio figure. He was born at a Full Moon - making him more sensitive to his environment. There is a lot of emphasis in the fixed signs for that Jupiter transit to trigger - Venus is also in Taurus - strong in its own sign, and Saturn and Mars in Scorpio. It's also interesting that the strong Venus is also trine to Jupiter in Capricorn - the trine in earth suggesting an innate talent with material things, practically and with money and resources. And of course, Jupiter can indicate good fortune and it expands whatever it touches! Scorpio is also a very canny, and business-minded sign, especially with harmonious and creative aspects to that Jupiter. 
In Mark's chart this fixity itself and the fact that Venus is opposite Saturn suggests commitment and taking relationships seriously. (He'd been with his girlfriend since university - for nine years I think the report says).

He's not quite hit his Saturn return yet but around this time, though we don't know the exact Moon position when he was born, it is likely to be his Secondary Progressed Lunar Return. This itself, with his natal Moon opposite Venus, highlights the relationship and the female energy in his chart. At the time of the marriage the Moon was also in Taurus, further emphasising that fixed axis.

Transits for when he got married, the day after the Stock Exchange floatation.

Interesting that this all happened within 'Eclipse Season', so emotions, positive or negative, are amped up quite a bit as it is at the moment, and that tonight's annular Solar Eclipse at 0° Gemini will be conjunct (thought slightly wide) Chiron in his chart (2° Gemini). Wish we had a time of birth! :)

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