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Saturday, 5 May 2012

Full Moon (SuperMoon) in Scorpio tonight

Today's Full Moon in Scorpio, exact at 4.36am (BST) tonight, is a 'supermoon' - the moon is full at the point when it's at (or very near) it's closest point to the earth in its orbit. It will appear bigger in the sky. This particular supermoon is the one closest to the earth in 2012.
We've had very few clear skies here in the UK recently so not sure if we'll be able to see it.
The term 'supermoon' was coined by Richard Nolle in 1979. 

1.    Richard Nolle's explanation of supermoons on his website
2.    Richard's article on supermoon, on the Mountain Astrologer website.

The Full Moon in Scorpio correlates with a tension between the identification with the peace, tranquillity, material comfort and stability of nature-loving Taurus, (where the Sun is at the moment) and the turbulent passions of the emotional watery Moon opposite, in Scorpio. The Moon is in 'fall' in Scorpio. It's not very happy there, it feels unsafe often. The Moon is much happier in the opposite sign of Taurus! There are issues of trust. It seems often on its guard in Scorpio. Emotions are intense and deeply, passionately felt here. Obviously this does not lend itself to Taurean harmony and tranquillity, but Taurus can provide a container for those passions with the practicality of Earth. Both signs are loyal, but stubborn. They are called Fixed signs for a reason. It's status quo and security (Taurus) versus transformation and intensity (Scorpio). The full moon brings the tension of opposites, the polarities of the signs to attention, into greater awareness.  

It might be a good time (if it feels safe to do so) to find a way to allow whatever is lurking in the depths of the psyche into awareness now. Hidden motives, primal urges, those unconscious patterns and drives that actually have great power over us because we push them away as 'unacceptable' or 'inappropriate', and then they churn away under the surface. Scorpio and Pluto rule the taboo. 
Meditating tonight on making space for these parts of ourselves could be beneficial. I use a technique called Focusing which allows for holding the very different 'parts' of ourselves in acceptance and locating them as a 'felt sense' in the body. Simply acknowledging their presence can create a shift in itself. (Check out the link for more details) This can be very helpful at the heightened tension and awareness of the full moon in whatever signs. 

Do you have any planets at or near 16 of fixed signs? If so, this full moon could be significant for you. Also look at the houses it falls in in your natal chart. 

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