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Friday, 22 July 2011

Oslo bombing

The huge bomb in Oslo and subsequent shooting this afternoon, are reflected in the current conjunction of Mars to the South Node . This alignment is hitting Pluto in the national chart for Norway. Pluto is conjunct the Sun in the nation's chart.

Data for Norway is from Nick Campion's Book of World Horoscopes
Time for the bombing is given on Wikipedia, with other sources quoting around 3.30pm.

Note, transiting Chiron is also conjunct the South Node (and Saturn) of the national chart. There seems to be a fated quality about this event. Transiting Mars is triggering (within 2 degrees) last months lunar eclipse (15 June). Norway is also experiencing a Uranus square Uranus transit, which of course also draws in the current major Uranus-Pluto square active right now and becoming exact for the first time next year.

My thoughts are with the people of Norway tonight. Sending love.

Update, 29 July 2011: I intended to come back to this for a longer look, and of course got distracted. Meanwhile, there have been other postings about the bombing and shooting in Norway, and I found Lynn Hayes' to be very interesting, so I'll add a few links here: The astrology of the Oslo bombing.  A second post of hers on the same topic  is here: More about Norway...

Timeline given for events (NY Times).

Matthew Stelzner discusses Norway in the latest Correlations podcast

 Noon Chart for Anders Breivik (no time known)

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